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    Dedicated to demystifying Lean adoption and achieving the benefits of Continuous Improvement

  • Employee Engagement

    Need to everyone working toward a common goal?

    Learn how to build effective cascading plans and Roadmaps to get the team engaged

  • Continuous Improvement

    Inefficiencies and old school processes holding you back?

    Tailored approaches built on the unique Hawaii business culture

It’s time for Lean...

Strategic Planning

You feel like you are always making it up as you go along and you don't have a credible and actionable plan for the future. There is a complete system tailor made to work in Hawaii and help you to involve your whole team in creating the bright future.

Employee Development

Sometimes it feels like your workforce is aging and soon to retire and you are not sure if you can attract new talent. There is a scalable management framework that can help your organization attract, train and retain talent.

Budget Constraints

Your budget isn't growing fast enough to support your organizations needs. There is a proven way for you to maintain current spending, staffing levels and produce more with your current resources while driving innovation to remain competitive.

The Lean Business System

An integrated Lean Business System tailored to Hawaii's workforce. Here are just a few of the benefits.


It is all about value creation.


Do more with less


Faster time to market


“Mistake proof” your processes

We see this Lean Business System as a way to transform state government, providing alignment throughout the organization and drive the results that our constituents deserve.

State CIO

Lean is more than a set of tools, it became how we connected with the needs of our customers, engaged our team members, delivered a high degree of value and built into our culture an atmosphere of continuous improvement.

Hawaii CIO

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Core features of the Lean Business System

Increased Customer Value

Greater Efficiency

Higher Employee Satisfaction

Hawaii Lean Community

There is a growing community of practice here in Hawaii that is freely sharing ideas and best practice in implementing this ground-breaking approach.

Read more about this system

A Lean adoption system that just works here in Hawai'i...

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The three “K”s of Lean

Within the world of Lean, there are three main words used within the domain of improvement: Kaizen, Kaikaku and Kakushin. But what is exactly the difference? In this post, we will guide you through the core definitions to remember the difference between these Japanese words. Kaizen Kaizen is the Japanese word for continuous improvement using small incremental […]

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It’s Time For Lean!

It’s the right time for your organization to adopt Lean if: You have an ambitious plan for taking your organization to the next level and need a reliable way to reallocate resources and achieve your goals. Market share or financials are stagnate and need a dynamic and predictable approach to turn things around. Budget cuts […]