Lean Thinking

Lean Thinking

“Lean Thinking is a ceaselessly inquisitive approach to problem solving designed to deliver greater customer value by eliminating process waste.”

Lean Leadership Principles

You have to see Lean as your strategy not just a set of tools.  Organizations that use Lean effectively see it as their primary strategic advantage which enables them to have higher quality, faster time to market, and increased agility in the marketplace.

A Lean transformation has to be led from the top, hands on, out front, on the work floor.  If the Chief Executive isn’t seen throughout the organization providing visible support by sponsoring leadership led Kaizen events and generally being a Lean zealot, it won’t work.

A Lean transformation is all about one thing, transforming the people.  The only asset you have that can appreciate is the people and the best ideas on how to improve value adding activities comes from the people responsible for day to day delivery.  Process improvement events are intended to both improve the process and change the way people think.

Lean Thinking

How you need to think

  • Start with what you do now
  • Agree to pursue incremental, evolutionary change through regular Kaizen (Continuous Improvement) events… dramatic and sudden change is often resisted.
  • Respect the current process, roles, responsibilities, and titles
  • Encourage acts of leadership at all levels

What you need to do

  • Recognize that value is in the eye of the customer
  • Work in value streams (address end to end processes)
  • Create standard work
  • Maximize flow
  • Empower every person
  • Pursue perfection through Kaizen events

Benefits of Lean