If you are interested in learning more about Lean adoption for your organization, you can contact one of our local Hawaii partners listed below.

Local Hawaii Partners

Contact: Steve Sakata
Phone: (808) 489-5806

Since 1999, eWorld Enterprise Solutions, Inc. (eWorldES) provides services for mid-sized and larger organizations in the public and private sector including application development, management consulting, project management, and cloud platform.
Red Ball Technical Services Contact: Shawn Scribner
Phone: (808) 521-5105
Since 2001, Redball USA has served companies nationwide with credentialed, individual contractors to augment full-time IT positions. Working on temporary basis, they bring highly specialized skills to bear on Lean implementation, SDLC development, installation, maintenance and data migration.
Interented in learning more about HILean?

Contact us to learn more by joining our community or call us at: Phone: (808) 436-5090 is a Community of Practice focused on Lean Management and Continuous Improvement adoption in Hawaii.