100 – Rapid Lean adoption for resource managers and workers

100 – Rapid Lean adoption for resource managers and workers


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Sherwood Herben

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This course is designed as a practical, hands-on training and on-the-job (OJT) coaching and facilitation program to jump start resource managers and their employees in understanding and adopting highly effective Lean practices for Continuous Improvement in the workplace.

In this course resource managers and line employees learn how to and will plan, produce, and deliver a Team Roadmap or Improvement Plan mapped over time that aligns with senior management’s goals for the organization as well as what they know as a team needs to be done.

Managers and employees will learn and demonstrate proficiency with Continuous improvement tools and Lean practices like effective problem solving, root cause analysis, kaizen, value stream mapping and others that will allow them to effectively achieve their Roadmap or Improvement Plan initiatives on time and within budget.

Topics in the course include introduction to Lean and Continuous Improvement concepts, analysis of leadership goals and team priorities, developing an effective contributor involved, value stream oriented Team Roadmap leveraging full team participation; Continuous Improvement tool selection and training; basic visual management principles; developing basic Key Performance Indicators; Customer focused active listening; and methods for promoting and improving team processes.

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This course will be coming soon...

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